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Heber Back Hoe Rentals!

The Kubota L45 digs to a depth of  nearly 10' and the front loader can lift 2,500#'s.  This mid size back hoe is perfect for work around the farm, home or landscaping.  With multiple attachments, it's capable of tilling ground, leveling ground, digging trench, or even using as a post hole digger.


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Kubota Tractor


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Delivery within the Heber Valley is available.  It is your responsibility to know the towing capacity of your vehicle. Do not attempt to tow a trailer that exceeds the towing capacity of your vehicle. You are responsible for any liability resulting from and accident while towing any trailer. Please call your auto insurance agent to verify that your liability coverage extends back to the trailer prior to renting any trailer. Ball mount sizes and heights vary depending on trailer type and size. If you do not have the right size we have available ball mounts. Most of the trailers we rent require a 7 pin wiring plug. Please make sure your tow vehicle has the right wiring plug and that your wiring works correctly. If you have any questions, please give us a call. 801-613-0288