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Avalanches are hazardous natural disasters that send snow, ice, and other debris down the mountainside.Typically caused by a piece of snow breaking off the mountain, they’re sudden and hard to escape due to their incredibly fast speed. Since it happens often and quickly, avalanches are one of the most powerful natural events. When in doubt, prevention and awareness through education is key!

Our Avalanche Education here at Uinta Recreation consists of two certified courses: 1) The Motorized Avalanche Level 1 Certification Course is a multi-day online and on-snow session based on practical knowledge, with an emphasis in backcountry skills and safety, and 2) Our Avalanche Rescue Course is a fast-paced day course completed directly out on the snow. Both courses are taught by professional American Avalanche Association members, with information regarding required equipment, noticing avalanche signs, checking forecasts and terrain, following guidelines, and much more. Schedule your course today to be certified and prepped for future snow adventures!

“Motorized Level I Avalanche class”: This is the on-snow start to your avalanche education. A well rounded hands-on class learning a variety of practical skills to make you more knowledgeable and safer in the backcountry.

From $650