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Avalanche Courses!

“Level I Avalanche class”: This is the on-snow start to your avalanche education. A well rounded hands-on class learning a variety of practical skills to make you more knowledgeable and safer in the backcountry Format for winter 23-24. Classroom session will be online using a special level I version of Backcountry Ascender. Online is self-paced on your time using the fun and engaging Backcountry Ascender platform. No scheduled video meetings and more time on the snow. This is a motorized specific class and we will be traveling to areas by snowmobile or snow bike. Certified American Avalanche Association class. Level 1 is verifying the forecast and learning essential skills for the backcountry. You’ll look at the mountains differently after taking this class.

Class Content:

American Avalanche Association(A3) Certified Class which exceeds A3 guidelines. Taught by AAA pro member, certified course provider/instructor, Mike Duffy. 24 hour class, minimum 60% on snow. Covers: equipment, nine different types of avalanche problems, reading forecasts, effective daily plans, stability tests and analysis, transceiver use, shoveling and probing skills, rescue leadership and skills, avalanche terrain recognition, terrain traps, route finding, islands of safety, backcountry guidelines, group dynamics,communication, deep burials, multiple burials, observations, contributing factors,using snowmobiles in rescue and much more.