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Snowmobiling in Utah

Thrills and Chills of Snowmobiling in Utah

Utah is a world-renowned place for exploring the vast, snowy mountains astride a powerful and invigorating snowmobile. Riding over bright, vast landscapes through trees and fauna will spark your imagination, leaving an impression that will refuse to fade.

There are all sorts of terrains and natural diversities to see in Utah’s winter wonderland. Let’s explore some of the best places you can go to snowmobile through these incredible places in Utah.

Wasatch Cache National Forest – The Emerald Gem of Utah

Uinta Recreation is one of the few companies with permits to show you through the Wasatch Cache National Forest. We know it like the back of our hands and are happy to share its unending beauty with the respectful public.

Terrain and Trails

A 1.2 million-acre forest, Wasatch Cache National is a diverse and expansive utopia for snowmobiling. The landscape features navigable hills and dense tree lines to weave and wind through. Logan Canyon is a perfect example of this because it has some manicured trails as well as relatively natural paths to adventure. Monte Cristo is another notable spot featuring massive, wide-open spaces to gun it across on your snowmobile without any holds barred.

Logan Canyon To Tony Grove Trail

One trail we recommend is the Logan Canyon to Tony Grove Trail. It spans 20 miles one way, which would be pretty challenging on foot. But when piggybacking a snowmobile, this trail is a breeze and a pleasure.

Franklin Basin Trail

Another breathtaking path is the Franklin Basin Trail. This spot is about 15-20 miles total, so it’s forgiving to beginners or young kids. Known best for its open meadows, Franklin Basin is an ideal trail for glimpsing wildlife. Many recommend bringing some thermoses filled with soup and hot chocolate so you can snow for a little snowy picnic among the deer and fallen leaves.

Bear Lake to Monte Cristo Trail

Lastly, we would be doing you an injustice not to mention the Bear Lake to Monte Cristo Trail. Take your vehicle up from a snow-flanked lake to the top of Monte Cristo to look down from one of the most humbling vantage points in the state. The high altitude gives us all that moment of clarity, allowing us to see that we’re here for a more significant reason than seeking revenge or fleeting pleasure. We’ll leave it up to you to determine what that significant reason might be. Do not miss out on this snowy view!

Wildlife and Vistas

Along the paths, you’ll find an array of animals who may have never even seen humans. There are a plethora of deer, and if you’re lucky, you’ll glimpse a massive moose or a bellowing elk. Peregrine falcons can also seen diving at over 100 miles per hour in the area, and golden eagles are often sighted perched atop a tall tree, so keep your eyes up!

In terms of flora, the snow will cover most of the small bushes, but you will see the trees poking out. The pines and firs tower over frozen pools and rushing creeks cascading and bubbling, making for a harmonious cacophony only witnessed by true explorers.

Guided Tours and Rentals

Uinta Recreation offers the best deals in town on guided tours with professionals who’ll take you to all the best spots and keep you safe while you explore some of the more treacherous trails. But, if you’re feeling a bit more independent, we’re happy to allow you to rent the snowmobiles so you can go off on your own and choose your own story. Either way, Uinta Recreation will provide you with all the tools to make for an incredible adventure through Utah’s heavenly scenery in the Winter.

So what are you waiting for!? Book a tour or rental for you or your family and experience one of the most memorable things you’ll see in your whole life.