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Utah Snowmobiling

Exploring Utah’s Incredible Winter Scenery With Safety As A Priority

The allure of Utah in the Winter is undoubtedly justified. It’s unlike any other place—rolling hills of rock and pine lacerated by creeks babbling through the pristine snow. Deer exhale dense jets of fog while overlooking the reflective snowbanks that make up their home. It’s a sight reserved for the adventurous people lucky enough to love and admire the snowy mountains and valleys that so many others miss out on.

But today, Uinta Recreation wants to touch on the importance of safety. Your life, like all life on Earth, is precious. It can be hard to get out there and explore, but once the excitement washes over you, it can be easy to get swept up in the thrill. That’s why you have to show up prepared and well-versed.

This article will go over the precautions you must take when taking on the adventure that is Utah’s Winter Wonderland.

The Importance of an Expert Guide

There are lots of people perfectly capable of keeping people safe. They are certified in many different contexts and know a lot about the general rules. However, when it comes to Utah in the Winter, a local guide is imperative.

As mentioned before, Utah in the Winter is like no other place on this planet. There are many little things to know about the terrain, from general tips to specific spots like cliffs you’ll need to look out for. When you look up reviews for guides, you’ll find our people at Uinta Recreation are the most trusted in the area for good reason. They’ve done thousands of hours out there and seen everything that a first-timer simply cannot know about ahead of time. So please do your research, and adopt the modesty that could save your life.

Essential Safety Equipment for Snowmobiling and Kayaking in Utah

Helmet On!

When snowmobiling, we beg you to keep your helmet on. Getting up to speeds even over 15 miles an hour is much faster than it seems, considering how easy it is to get up to that speed on a snowmobile. Imagine falling off at 30 miles an hour… It will hurt, and you could end up with something far worse than pain if you’re not wearing a helmet.


Also, goggles will be a necessity. Not only will they keep your eyes warm, but your vision will also be more precise, allowing you to see that head-high branch coming before it’s too late. On top of that, goggles will make sure nothing comes up and hits you in the eye at high speed.


Similar to goggles, gloves will keep your hands from being nicked by rocks or other debris, ensuring you can always keep hold of the steering mechanism. Also, I’m sure anyone can appreciate keeping their hands comfortably warm atop a frozen mountain flying through the wind at 25 miles an hour!

Life Jackets While Kayaking

Helmets are recommended when exploring by way of Kayak, especially while whitewater kayaking. But even more imperative is a life jacket. The chill of falling in the lake during the Winter in Utah will surely take your breath away, so you will need that initial couple of moments to recover, and that time is when you thank your lucky stars you’re wearing a life jacket.

Kayaking in Utah

Emergency Preparedness During Utah’s Winter

First Aid Kit

Bring a first aid kit so that if somebody does get hurt, you’ll have the basics to keep them comfortable until you can reach base camp. Make sure your kit has the following items:

  • Bandages
  • Antiseptic Wipes
  • Thermal blanket

Communication Device

Having a mobile phone while exploring is a must. However, out in the wilderness, there is no promise of a signal, and your phone could get wet (bring a waterproof baggie). That’s why you’ll need to bring along an avalanche transceiver. These receivers work like a two-way radio, are always waterproof, and are likely more durable than your iPhone. Avalanche transceivers are detectable by local rescue teams and come in handy when an avalanche comes down and blocks your road home.

Safe Adventures Await You!

Uinta Recreation will ensure you get to explore while assuring your safety. So book a Wintery Utah tour with us and put your security in knowledgeable hands!