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Park City & Heber Snowmobile Rentals

Utah is one of the most dynamic winter wonderlands in the world. Park City and Deer Valley are world-class ski resorts where professionals and hobbyists enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling. Bucolic landscapes like Mirror Lake or Zion National Park are perfect for people looking for breathtaking scenery and an unforgettable camera roll. Utah in the wintertime will be a memorable adventure for anybody looking for an exciting winter getaway.

Snowmobiling in Utah’s Winter Wonderland

Riding a snowmobile across mountain peaks through pine, Juniper, and fir with the expansive soft snow rushing by will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. The thrill of moving that quickly through the silent, beautiful nature provides a love for living that your whole family can bond over for years to come.

Exploring the Wasatch Cache National Forest

Uinta Recreation is one of the few organizations permitted to let you fly through Wasatch Cache National Forest. Flying alongside you will be Golden Eagles, Peregrine Falcons, and all sorts of owls. You might also glimpse bigger mammals like deer, giant elk, moose, and even cute little mountain goats. And, right by the river, you’ll get to see fluffy beavers building dams and making homes with their families, oddly resembling our very own ways of life. If you are brave enough to venture into a cave, you’ll see some bats too!

Utah’s Mountain Trails and Snowy Peaks

As if the Fauna (Animal Life) isn’t enough, you’ll behold peaks that have taken breaths for thousands of years. Below are three of the most glorious mountains to visit in Utah during the Winter.

1. Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo is the southernmost mountaintop in the Wasatch Range, allowing you to survey a landscape that will teach you more than any book ever could.

2. Lone Peak and Pfeifferhorn

If you’re more the mountaineering type looking for a satisfying challenge, Lone Peak and Pfeifferhorn will tire you out nicely, bringing you that accomplished adrenaline all of us could use. Along the way, you’ll see Gloria Falls, a cascading waterfall that cuts through the snow by way of a terraced rock formation that rings through the valley with a musical grandeur only nature can produce.

3. Mount Olympus

Lastly, we need to mention the mythical Mount Olympus. Summiting this peak allows one to observe all of Salt Lake City from a vantage point that will give you a perspective of the city no other spot can provide. Get out there and see the world from the heavens. Rent our snowmobiles and allow yourself to witness them all easily and gracefully.

We take people on a two-hour private adventure through nearly unseen territory. Our guides are highly experienced with entertaining explorers and are certified to keep you safe in this most spectacular landscape. Book a tour with us, or just get a rental, and feel free to take your adventure wherever it calls you!

Kayaking Utah’s Snowy Mirror Lake

If you’re looking to fill your eyes with the snow-white light of reflective mountains, rent our kayaks and paddle out to Mirror Lake. Get those videos and photographs that so few have had the chance to take. Listen to a pure silence that could only be curated by the snow-covered echo of hills that meet the edge of this still body of water. Bring your snow gear and rent our kayaks designed for this extraordinary adventure.

Explore Utah This Winter!

Uinta Recreation has everything you need to bring you or your family the sort of adventure that you will never forget. Book today and see Utah this winter!